Cyber Breach

Cyber Breach Higher in Financial Services Sector

A new report from NetDiligence has found that an aggregated total breach of cyber even cost is US$394,000, which an average company’s loss could be around US$3.2 million NetDiligence, a…

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PornHub Users Attacked with Advertising Malware in a Year-Long Attack

Millions of PornHub users have been infected with advertising malware by cyber crooks ‘in a year-long attack’. Reports say that the attack, using the Kotver malware, could have been used…

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Wanna cry Ransomware

Britain’s NCC Says WannaCry Was The Year’s Biggest Test

UK’s National Cyber Security Centre states that the WannaCry ransomware was the biggest test of the year. The NCSC (National Cyber Security Centre), which was founded last year, has made…

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4 Reasons Why Ransomware Attacks Should Be Reported

Becoming subjected to ransomware attacks not only results in huge monetary losses but also the loss of reputation for various enterprises. On top of that, they may be slapped with…

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Ransomware Demands Naked Pictures Instead of Money

We all know how cyber criminals extort money out of victims by locking their computer with malware. The computer will be unlocked only after they  pay a certain amount of…

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Double Trouble As Campaign With Two Ransomware Becomes Global

Ransomware is the most dreaded of all malware; everyone dreads getting infected with ransomware. So just imagine how it would be to get doubly infected, with ransomware… There have been…

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ransomware attacks

The New “Heroes of the Storm” Ransomware

Ransomware has been taking the virtual world for a ride with versions derived in different forms. Resto locker is one of a kind that is in the process of development…

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ransomware attacks

Ransomware as a Service (RaaS) with Paradise Ransomware Attacks

A new kind of ransomware dubbed “Paradise Ransomware” is doing the rounds these days. It is being offered as a Ransomware as a Service (RaaS) and that is what makes…

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MongoDB Ransomware leaves 26,000 New Victims

Three new groups that hijacked over 26,000 servers are behind the ransomware attacks on MongoDB database. One group in particular hijacked 22000 servers itself. This attack is said to be…

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Lanarkshire NHS Board Affected by WannaCrypt Now Hit by Malware Again

One of the UK NHS (National Health Service) boards affected by the WannaCrypt ransomware earlier this year has once again been hit by malware. On 25th August, the Lanarkshire board…

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