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DIY Android Ransomware App Aiding Hackers

Budding cyber criminals are going to have a field day with a DIY Android ransomware app which has been doing rounds for some time now, and is purportedly available for…

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Locky Ransomware

IKARUSdilapidated – The New variant of Locky Ransomware

August 9, 2017, Comodo Threat Intelligence Lab unearthed a new ransomware campaign, that infects tens of thousands of victims with a simple email with an attachment and no text. According…

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Open EDR
ransomware attacks

Hacker behind the bars in the US – who assisted to paralyze the ransomware attack

Marcus Hutchins, a youthful British analyst credited with crashing a worldwide cyberattack in May, has been captured for purportedly making and circulating managing an account malware, U.S. specialists say. Hutchins…

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Hacker Bail

WannaCry Saviour’s Arrest Could Have Serious Repercussions, Predict IT Security Experts

The IT Security Community is apparently not happy with the arrest of Marcus Hutchins, the British Hacker responsible for creating the kill switch for Wanncry Ransomware, over the alleged creation…

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Leaklocker Ransomware

Leaklocker Ransomware Threatens to Leak Private Data

Leaklocker is a new “Humiliating” Ransomware that threatens to leak private information on an infected smartphone to all people on the telephone and email contact list on the device. This…

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Mac Malware

MacSpy, MacRansom: New Strains of Mac Malware

Two new strains of Mac malware are making the rounds, as per recent reports. They are being offered through Malware-as-a-Service (MaaS) portals on the dark web. Security researchers at AlienVault…

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Koler Ransomware

Ransomware Infects US Android Users with Fake PornHub Apps

Here’s a malware, a ransomware that targets visitors to adult-themed websites, that too in the US only and tries to lure them via a fake PornHub app. Koler, the ransomware…

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Petya Ransomware rapidly spreading across the globe

On Tuesday, a ransomware called “Petya” or “Petrwrap” struck organizations and companies across the world in a series of attacks reminiscent of last month’s WannaCry. Researchers first sighted the ransomware…

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Chinese Malware

You May Be Infected With this New Dangerous Malware

The digital world is suffering yet another malware attack. Hundreds of thousands of endpoints worldwide were attacked in May by the WannaCry ransomware. More recently, a malware called Judy has…

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EternalRocks Malware

Another malware- EternalRocks is more powerful than ransom attack

After the global cyber-attack, all the cyber security agencies are struggling to cope up with the original pace. And this attack has only intensified the cyber-crime leading to another malware…

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