Ransomware In Cleveland Hopkins Airport Is There A Cover up

Ransomware In Cleveland Hopkins Airport, Is There A Cover-up?

The world is still suffering from ransomware, even after the growth of its less noisy cousin, the crypto jacking malware. Cleveland Hopkins International Airport is the latest high-profile installation that…

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Emerging Cybersecurity Threat Affecting Online Retailers

Emerging Cybersecurity Threats Affecting Online Retailers

Online retailers are amongst the most favorite of targets for all hackers, the simple reason being that retailers process customer data in large number on a day-to-day basis. Another reason…

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Open EDR
Norsk Hydro Fallen Victim To A Serious Ransomware

Norsk Hydro Has Fallen Victim To A Serious Ransomware

Ransomware played havoc in 2017, and later in 2019, we all thought that hackers have moved on to crypto jacking, which is a fast and reliable revenue source. Not done,…

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Community Efforts Against Ransomware 1

Community Efforts Against Ransomware

Ransomware attacks are by nature loud, they immediately inform the user of the device that their files are encrypted, and they need to “pay” the ransom in order for their…

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New Ransomware Strain in China Infects Over 20000 PCs 1

Unpatched Plugin Cost MSP To Fall For Ransomware Infection

Signing-up for Managed Service Providers (MSP) is a quick solution to lower the cost of maintenance for workstation troubleshooting, repairs, and maintenance. However, allowing a 3rd party company as the…

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Death Of Coinhive Status Of Cryptojacking Malware 1

Death Of Coinhive: Status Of Cryptojacking Malware

The age of ransomware is slowly ending, not because it is losing steam, its authors continue to earn profit from poor victims that do not have an effective backup system…

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Ryuk Ransomware

Georgia County Hit by Ransomware, Shells out $400,000

Cybercriminals were paid $400,000 by Officers in Jackson County, Georgia, to eliminate ransomware. This happened on Friday, March as reported on Wednesday. In an interview Sheriff, Janis Mangum instructed StateScoop…

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SamSam Ransomware

SamSam Ransomware Hits Again VS Jackson County, Georgia

2017 was the Year of the Ransomware when WannaCry and its derivatives wreaked havoc to various computer installations with SMBv1 vulnerabilities. The encrypted user data that WannaCry cost the world…

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Massive Ransomware Attack On Israeli Websites Foiled 1

Massive Ransomware Attack On Israeli Websites Foiled

The incident took place on Saturday, March 2, when hackers tried to plant ransomware on over one million Israeli web pages, in a bid to lock the users out until…

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How to Remove Pewcrypt Ransomware

How to Remove Pewcrypt Ransomware

Pewcrypt ransomware is a file locking malware that is not created for money extortion purposes, unlike most of the other crypto-viruses are. The author, who is most likely a fan…

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