The 10 Best Dropbox Alternatives and Which One is The Safest

10 Best Dropbox Alternatives

Dropbox is the most popular cloud storage provider in the world. Thanks to its cloud server, millions of businesses and individuals can store their files or documents in virtual memory, making them available worldwide when they want it.

However, Dropbox is not the only cloud storage game we have, there are Microsoft OneDrive and Google Drive, which are well-known alternatives, while much smaller cloud storage applications have emerged in recent times.

This blog discusses Dropbox security and suggests 10 main options if you need an alternative to Dropbox. That way, you must be able to find cloud storage options that will protect your important documents safely and make them accessible to those who need them.

How to find the best Dropbox alternative?

These problems are not unique to Dropbox, and finding a more personal and reliable Dropbox alternative is not simple. When looking for a safe Dropbox alternative, there are a number of things you should look for.

First, encryption is important. As we have seen, Dropbox itself has a fairly high score here, and all Dropbox alternatives must at least match 256-bit encryption and use TSL / SSL.

Two-factor authentication procedures are also important to ensure that attackers cannot access accounts in the cloud. And it’s convincing to see cloud storage companies that are open about the code they use. The more information, the better.

Another reference point for shorthand is ISO 27001. Any safe Dropbox alternative will achieve this certification, which ensures that the practice of risk management is in accordance with the task.

Safety is not everything. You also want various features compared to what Dropbox offers. So search for suites for editing, sharing files with one click, easy synchronization with the hard drive, backward function to return to the previous document version and the ability to connect multiple devices.

The 10 best alternative options of Dropbox in 2024

After running a series of criteria to consider when finding alternatives to Dropbox, which is the best provider in 2019? Here are the 10 best options for our storage in the cloud:

  1. pCloud

pCloud is probably the best Dropbox alternative. Based on the crazy privacy, it allows you to “rewind” to recover lost document, allow synchronization and optimize for collaboration. If you pay a little more for the pCloud Crypto service, you’ll also get industry-leading security. However, free accounts do not include 256-bit AES encryption, so data is not protected.

  1. SugarSync

The version of the SugarSync file and the excellent synchronization system make it ideal for complex business projects. Users get 5 GB of free storage during a 90-day free trial, while the service implements a “no knowledge” policy, which guarantees that staff will not look at the document. The disadvantages? There is no document editor, and the price can be a bit expensive for some people.

  1. SpiderOak

Directed by Edward Snowden’s support, SpiderOak is among the elite cloud storage options. You can easily synchronize, backup copies of certain hard drives and folders, while end-to-end encryption guarantees a high level of security. This is also zero knowledge, so this is an excellent Dropbox alternative for anyone who cares about privacy.

  1. Box

Founded in 2005, Box has long been an original Dropbox alternative, serving more than half of Fortune 500 companies. Thanks to the recent “Box Skills” update, it is now highly customizable to manage various types of files. Security is another point of sale, with full encryption and key adjustment, adding another layer of security to data on the fly.

  1. Team Drives

Team Drive could be the best Dropbox alternative for people with a limited budget. The registry receives 2 GB of free storage, but can increase it to 10 GB by recommending friends for this service, and this can be extended to 1 TB relatively cheaply. There are no editing tools, but if you need a reduced cloud storage service, it works really well.

  1. CloudMe

Used primarily as a backup of company files, CloudMe does this well. Based in Sweden, which takes into account the privacy, its free package comprises 3 GB of storage, but there is no encryption. You must therefore encrypt the files before saving them.

  1. Amazon CloudDrive

The Amazon Dropbox alternative is a good place to store media files and the introduction of the latest sync makes it much better for students and business users alike. It will start with 5GB of free storage (and unlimited storage for photos), and the user interface is very easy to use. But there is no encryption at the moment, so it may not be the safest Dropbox alternative available.

  1. MediaFire

Far more basic than Dropbox, MediaFire does not allow synchronization with the local desktop and the security policy is pretty fuzzy. But with 10GB of free initial storage and low prices to add extra space, this is a popular economic cloud storage option.

  1. Microsoft OneDrive

OneDrive offers exceptional Microsoft Office integration (as expected) and is very useful for storing all kinds of files, including movies, photos, and documents. There is even a Kodi add-on that makes it easy to play OneDrive movies. But beware: Microsoft scans documents protected by copyright. Even worse, they offer no encryption to normal customers. So security is a big failure.

  1. Google Drive

With a combination of word processing, spreadsheet and presentation tools, Google’s cloud storage system is packed with convenient features. There is 15GB of free storage space and the direct chat feature is ideal for real-time collaboration. AES-256 encryption is standard and two-factor authentication can also be applied. However, Google decrypts and scans documents before saving them, which can increase the security alarm. And they also have full access to the contents of stored documents.

Find the best Dropbox alternative for your information sharing needs.

If you’re worried about the security or pricing features of Dropbox, find an alternative cloud storage provider and put your mind at rest. As we’ve seen, there are similar options from big names like Box, Google, Microsoft and Amazon. However, our picks for the best Dropbox alternative are smaller, more security-focused providers. Go for pCloud, SugarSync or SpiderOak, and your files should be totally secure.

If you’re concerned about the security or pricing features of Dropbox, look for an alternative and a resting cloud storage provider. As we have seen, there are similar options for big names like Box, Google, Microsoft and Amazon. However, our selections for the best Dropbox alternative are smaller and more security-oriented providers. Go to pCloud, SugarSync or SpiderOak and your files must be completely secure.

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