Tips to enhance your career in cybersecurity

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Cybersecurity is a fast-growing industry that attracts ambitious people who want to make the world a better place. Professionals operating in this field are in more demand than ever before due to the number of cybercrimes occurring every year. According to a report, the cost of cybercrimes estimates up to $6 trillion by 2021.  Hence, companies look for the best professionals to keep their information secure. If you want to establish a career in cybersecurity, you are not limited to restrictions where you need a particular degree to work as a professional. You should start learning about it and get to work as soon as possible. Some of the tips that you will find useful are as follows.

Get early exposure:

If you are taking early steps in the IT industry, and are looking forward to work in your first security role, you should work on getting exposure to a variety of positions. The earlier you start getting relevant experience in this industry, the higher the chances of convincing your employer to promote you to the cybersecurity position.

Get certifications:

Cybersecurity is mostly about upgrading your security system to ward off potential hackers. It will be beneficial for you to acquire the certifications that will keep you at par with the top professionals working around the world. It would help if you were careful when choosing the right program to obtain certification so that you can receive the additional advantage from it and will only increase your skills. Getting certifications such as Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH), Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISP) may allow you to get promoted to advanced level positions that will enable you to flourish in your career. It is worth remembering that constant upgrading of your skills is the only way you can excel in this sector, and the key to that is continuously taking certifications that will pay you off in a long run.

Market Yourself:

Although this job is in high demand compared to other jobs due to the lack of professionals available, you need to use the tool of marketing so that you can stand out from your competitors. The cybersecurity field is highly specialized, and few candidates are available who possess the necessary skill set that the company requires. It would be best if you worked on creating a strong resume and a LinkedIn profile highlighting your achievements. You should share all the complex problems that you helped your organization to resolve. The role of networking is highly important since you need to step out and meet experts in the field. They will provide you relevant advice on how you can succeed in the industry and provide you with relevant experience and recommend you if a job opening occurs.

Know your worth:

You should know that a cybersecurity job pays more than the national average wage in the United States. When searching for a job, you should do proper research so that you are paid according to the competitive market and will complement the responsibilities that you will handle while on the job. According to a survey, the basic pay for cybersecurity was over $90,000 per annum, which is way more significant than the median wage of $47000. Nevertheless, some factors may affect your salary expectations. Elements include the nature of the job, the state of the economy, and its size. However, it would help if you treated this as an opportunity to excel in your career.

Have broad expertise:

Although specializing in one particular field is always beneficial since it will give you an edge over your competitors, but it should not be the only ace up your sleeves. The majority of the professionals working in cybersecurity have excellent skills and experience, which means that they can handle almost all types of issues and have more chances of securing jobs. You do not need to have prior experience to get involved in another field since you can try out in a smaller company where you will be able to get the learning experience that will help you in your career.

Show initiative:

It is no brainer that someone who is focused and engaged while continuously trying to improve their skills is experiencing growth in their cybersecurity career. Hence you must show initiative by focusing on activities that help you learn, such as attending seminars and conferences. There is no point in entering this sector if you do not want to improve your skills constantly; otherwise, there will be a gap between your skills and the market requirements. Having a positive attitude to learn will help you out a lot in this field.


This industry provides people many opportunities to succeed who have a passion for learning and continuously improving their skills. Unlike other fields where you will only learn traditionally, there is always room for improvement. Having a positive attitude towards it will provide you an edge over others working in this field.


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