Why Internet Security is Important Today

Why Internet Security is Important Today

The internet, by revolutionizing communications, has changed the very way we live. Almost every aspect of human life is now touched by the internet and we depend on it for all sorts of things. But at the same time, the internet comes with its own share of risks and dangers. Without proper online defense, a person who uses the internet could very easily fall prey to fraud, theft and other kinds of damaging criminal activities. Almost everyone who uses the internet, from individuals to private corporations and government agencies, is a potential target. Anyone can be targeted and attacked at any time. Let’s take a look at the various consequences of online attacks…

Theft of data- Sensitive personal data (card data, chats, emails, videos, documents, photos etc) belonging to individual users and important corporate data (trade secrets, confidential financial data, product blueprints, important testing data etc) could be lost if there’s no proper security. If such data falls into the hands of cybercriminals, the could even misuse or sell the same. Lack of proper security could even lead to loss of sensitive materials for governments; these might include details about military movements, diplomatic correspondence, details about ongoing projects etc.

Damage to systems and networks- Lack of security could lead to damage of systems and computer networks. Cybercriminals could cause disruption and damage in addition to stealing data. Disruption and damage of systems and networks could cause many secondary issues as well.

Impact on privacy and confidentiality- Lack of security causes big impacts on privacy and confidentiality. Unauthorized people would be able to view, intercept or steal confidential messages, emails etc and even use them for all kinds of fraudulent activities.

Identity theft- In today’s world, when people do all kinds of activities, including financial dealings, purchases, sales, bookings etc online, it’s easy to steal data pertaining to a person’s identity and use the same for fraud. Thus, identity theft is a major issue caused by lack of proper internet security. A criminal could use your social security number for applying for government benefits., loans etc and cause you lots of trouble.

Why we need advanced internet security software today…

Gone are the days when we could ensure security by installing just an antivirus tool on our systems. Times have changed, cybercrime has evolved into being a very sophisticated, advanced thing. Cybercriminals today come up with malware and techniques that can bypass even conventional cybersecurity software, like firewall and antivirus software. In today’s context, we need advanced internet security software

Internet security software is not just about detecting or blocking viruses. It protects systems and networks from an extensive range of threat types- viruses, trojans, worms, spyware, adware, ransomware, rootkits, keyloggers etc. It also monitors all accessed URLs and identifies, blocks and reports infected websites. At the same time, it has advanced system optimization tools, including disk defragmentation tools, junk cleaners etc. In fact, modern advanced internet security software is a suite of security software, comprising of an antivirus tool, firewall software, anti-spyware, anti-rootkit, bot protection software, auto-sandboxing technology etc and thus make internet security a very advanced and dynamic affair.

Train and educate yourself!

Train and educate yourself on all aspects of internet security. That matters a lot. Security always begins at the individual level. It’s not just security tools and software that contributes towards ensuring proper cybersecurity. Certain measures taken at the individual level also prove to be integral to internet security. Users should refrain from clicking on suspicious links or downloading suspicious attachments coming via email, especially from unknown, untrusted sources. It’s always best to confirm the genuineness of such emails even if they come from known sources because hackers today use hack emails to send authentic-looking phishing emails. Similarly, securing every single device that’s connected to an enterprise network, scanning all devices that are connected to a system or network, ensuring physical security (like locking system when moving away, keeping portable devices safe etc), proper password management, ensuring proper back-up etc are things that contribute to ensuring comprehensive internet security.

Never hesitate to invest in security!

Never hesitate to invest in internet security. It’s all about data, which can be misused by criminals, thereby causing lots of damages. If you are part of an organization, you need to invest in what all is needed for internet security. Lack of cybersecurity could lead to loss of reputation, loss of money and even complete shutdown of businesses. So, be wise, invest in cybersecurity, stay safe.

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