Why Your Business Needs Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Why Your Business Needs Mobile Device Management MDM 1

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

The number of privacy breaches that have hit the headlines has increased in recent years. Many of these disasters are due to the loss or violation of mobile device security. As a result, more than ever IT managers need to find ways to safely manage this device. The average employee expected a BYOD in his company, but the BYOD movement remains a vector of significant attack on the security of the company. IT managers need to find ways to simplify the use of personal devices while ensuring the security of personal and business information.

A few years back, we never thought that a day will come when employees will not have to rely on desktop as the only means to do their work. The wide acceptance of smartphones and digital mobile applications has freed employees from desktops and enabled them to do business outside their offices.

From maintenance time to group chat, access to files in the cloud, working on a mobile device is no longer normal, it is just the norm- business as usual. Although this approach is a productivity advantage, we cannot deny that there are security risks when sensitive business information is put in your pocket. To overcome this risk, it is very important for many companies to have a Mobile Device Management (MDM) system.

To put it in a simple form, MDM enables a company’s IT employees to manage and secure smartphones and tablets remotely. However, the benefits of MDM for the company is not restricted to monitoring mobile devices.

More control and security

An effective MDM system guarantees the protection of company data, e-mails, and confidential documents. If a device is lost or stolen, the administrator can easily lock, disconnect, or lock the mobile device. SIM cards can also be blocked for employees’ mobile devices and if somebody tries to transfer the SIM to another device they will need a PUK code.

MDM offers better control over their devices. For example, a company’s sales employee will not have to register and configure all devices used by their sales agents. Instead, you can configure the device and use the security software automatically. Certain tools and applications can also be sent to agent devices. If you want the app to be configured at start-up or if you want an automatic application or replacement updates throughout the enterprise, you can easily do it manually without having to call the device.

Powerful and Highly Efficient Management

Practically, mobile devices can distract employees. If organizations want to limit or prohibit the use of certain apps on their devices and avoid unnecessary data costs, IT managers can block YouTube, Facebook, or other social media apps. Take, for example, the company’s rescue services. As drivers need to focus on the road, some companies use MDM to prevent them from using other apps than the transport app and Waze or Google Maps while driving. This not only ensures operational efficiency, but also security

Increased flexibility

Working from anywhere with a mobile device gives access to relevant files anytime, anywhere and in any situation. Some tools gives you that luxury, for example, the vendors of the company do not need to download the resources separately from different portals. The centralized MDM system enables more efficient distribution of business documents, such as training forms and learning materials, accessible only to authorized individuals.

Find the right MDM solution

As the businesses focus on productivity, efficiency, and security, and with more and more companies choosing BYOD (Bring your own device), MDM is ready to respond to feature requests that help them take control of the device while providing their employees with freedom, security, and productivity.

Based on their requirements, organizations can choose their device management providers.

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