Why Your Business Needs Mobile Device Management MDM 1

The Problem With Mobile Redirects

A mobile redirect is a code that causes a mobile visitor to be redirected to a page that is different in content from the page that is shown to users…

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antivirus software 1

Are you following these tips to stay safe when spending money online?

The internet is a big place, and anything so large can have its pitfalls. Fear not though, there are methods that you can use to stay safe when spending any kind…

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Open EDR
Magecart The Card Skimming Group and Its Many Faces

Tips to enhance your career in cybersecurity

Introduction: Cybersecurity is a fast-growing industry that attracts ambitious people who want to make the world a better place. Professionals operating in this field are in more demand than ever…

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Beware of 10 Past Ransomware Attacks 1

How To Stop Ransomware?

You have been hacked! Pay ransom! Have you ever come across these phrases? Well, if you are here, you must have, or you just want to protect yourself from the…

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The Feasibility Of Tape Backup Against Ransomware

4 Potential Causes of Low BI and Analytics Adoption Rates

Anyone who has ever owned a piece of exercise equipment knows there’s a huge difference between having it and, well, actually using it. The same principle applies to business intelligence…

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Benefits and Best Practices of Adaptive Security

The Process of Investigating Cyber Crimes

Cybercrime is any criminal activity where the object as a target and/or tool is a computer or network device. Some cyber crimes directly attack computers or other devices to disable…

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security www

How to Secure Your Personal Data While Online?

Even if you have absolutely nothing to hide, you still have to protect the privacy of your data. Increasingly, our whole life fits in a series of short data that…

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5 Ways Cyber Security Is Changing In 2024

Introduction Security whilst online has been paramount for many years and with the ever-advancing technology available to us, cybersecurity is constantly evolving. Whilst the internet is an invaluable resource for…

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Why should your health startup give priority to privacy and data security

Learn Five Easy Steps To Fix Joomla Hack

When we talk about the second most popular Current Management System (CMS), then Joomla is there. It enables the user to do website publishing conveniently, and it is user-friendly. Although…

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Chase Bank Phishing Scam Asks Customers to Upload Selfie

How to Spot an Online Scam?

With the advent of ‘smart’ devices, which includes everything from self-driving cars, smart assistants such as Amazon’s Alexa to smart refrigerators, the modern-day internet continues to expand into the vast…

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