Cyber Crime

Hacker Bestbuy

Hacker Bestbuy Admits He Hijacked Deutsche Telekom Routers

The 29-year old hacker, who is referred to as Hacker Bestbuy, has reportedly admitted to hijacking over 9 lac routers from the Deutsche Telekom network. BestBuy had hijacked the Deutsche…

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Cyber Security 1

Cyber Security Policy: To Impose or Not to Impose?

Educate teenagers about the ill-effects of drugs and chances are they might refrain from doing them. On the other hand, ‘order them’ not to do drugs, and chances are they…

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Open EDR
Cyber Security after OPM Breach

Cybersecurity after OPM Breach

The data breach at the United States Office of Personnel Management (OPM) in 2015 was a wakeup call for the U.S. Government. It was just what many government officials had…

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Chinese Cyber Security Laws Force Apple to Build Data Center in China

Apple Inc. will soon be storing cloud data of its Chinese customers with a Chinese government-owned company in accordance with the latest cyber security laws of China. The southern province…

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Nvidia Invests in Deep Instinct

NVIDIA Invests In AI-Based Cyber Security Startup

Support for Artificial Intelligence (AI) is growing in many fields, and cyber security is no different. Prompted by this trend, NVIDIA has invested in Deep Instinct, an Israeli startup focused…

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Cyber Awareness

Rise in Cyberattacks calls for a rise in Cyber Awareness

Cyber awareness has to be implemented to enhance cyber hygiene. Users have become accustomed to spending lots of time online, but are not generally aware of the size and scope…

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Cyber Experts

Indian Cyber Experts Raise Alarm Over Third Party GST Apps

Cyber experts in India warned against downloading third party GST apps, applications designed to assist in calculating the newly implemented Goods and Services Tax. A report was published on Business…

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Cyber crime

Cyber-crime is a major threat in the financial crimes

The new technical advancements in the new generation benefit the consumers in several ways, but it also causes an equal amount of damages. And the banks have reported that the…

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Threatening Cyber Attacks

Pacemakers Vulnerable to Life-Threatening Cyber Attacks

Cyber attacks are everywhere. They can cause companies and individuals to lose money, sensitive information, and more. Now, there’s evidence that they may even be able to take lives. WhiteScope,…

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NHS Cyber Attack

NHS Cyber Attack Issued By Someone Fluent In Mandarin

A recent cyber-attack that crippled some of the world’s most critical computer networks might have originated in China. The ransomware attack infects a user’s computer via a malicious email—similar to…

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