Web Security

Google in Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Invests in Computer Security

For PC manufacturing and silicon partners, Microsoft is collaborating to develop computers with a stable firmware layer. The project aims to counter threats targeting firmware and operating systems with the…

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Factors to Consider When Securing IoT Devices 1

Top 7 Best Antivirus for Android Smartphones and Tablets

Have you ever experienced being hacked in your Android smartphones and tablets? How do you feel? If you have already experienced hacking, well, you are not alone.  Today, there are…

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Open EDR

Public, Election Officers Can keep themselves in the Dark on Hack

If the FBI finds that foreign hackers have compromised the electoral district networks, you may not be aware of that until after the election is over. The governor and other…

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Everyday Mistakes In A Firm That Promotes IT Risks

What is the Future of Cybersecurity?

We all know of the exponential growth of cybercrimes. The question now is, how do we stay ahead of a possible data breach? Some experts in the commercial real estate…

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10 Computer Forensics Tools For Analyzing A Breach

How to Explore Autonomous Systems in Business Network and the Way Hackers use it

The’ net’ in’ internet’ is a network. It’s also technically an internet network— a computer network. Are you still confused? We refer to these independent computer networks as autonomous systems…

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Protect WordPress Website from SQL Injection

Protect Your WordPress Website from SQL Injection

WordPress websites need to be protected against SQL injection threats. SQL (Structured Query Language) is a widely used database language, a domain specific language that’s designed for managing data in…

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Best WordPress Plugins for Small Business Website

The 10 Best WordPress Plugins for Small Business Website

Take your business to the next level in 2024, with the best WordPress plugins to? There are over 50k WordPress plugins to choose from, and the user has plenty to…

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Penetration Testing Most Visible Component of Cyber Security

Penetration Testing The Most Visible Component of Cyber Security

Amid all of the high-profile data breaches, of all sizes have been successfully targeted by hackers who employ a wide range of different strategies. Companies have had to learn about…

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The Best 10 Linux Distro for Penetration Testing

The Best 10 Linux Distro for Penetration Testing

If you are working as a security professional and interested in this specific field of knowledge, you must be known these top 10 Linux distro that suits your purpose. Remember…

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Secure Web Gateway Mechanics Made Simple

Secure Web Gateway Mechanics Made Simple

What is a Secure Web Gateway (SWG)? For the perspective of a typical Joe or Jill of today’s computing, Secure Web Gateway is an alien name. However, it is simply…

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