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Aviation Equipment Major ASCO Victim of Ransomware Attack

Pitney Bowes Says Ryuk Ransomware’s Disruptions

Global shipping and e-commerce firm Pitney Bowes announced on Thursday that a piece of malware known as Ryuk has triggered the latest network disruptions. On Monday, the company told customers…

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Cloud Services A Good Trend Or Not

Why Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN)?

A Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a collection of interconnected computers that provide web content quickly to different users. It caches or duplicates the content on various servers and directs…

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Open EDR
The Five Incident Response Steps 1

The Five Incident Response Steps

It is important to remember that implementing incident response steps is a process and not an isolated event. For a truly successful incident response, the team should have a coordinated…

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ITAR compliance What you need to know about the ITAR

ITAR compliance: What you need to know about the ITAR

Like many countries, national defense is a top priority for the United States. National defense is such a critical aspect of U.S. policy that the U.S. government created the International…

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PGP Encryption How Strong Is PGP Security

PGP Encryption: How Strong Is PGP Security?

Today, privacy is a huge concern for many internet users. With cybercrime on the rise, hackers are victimizing millions on the internet through fake emails and tapping into unsecured network…

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The Facebook Privacy Issue And Compromises

The Facebook Privacy Issue And Compromises

$5 billion, that is a huge sum of money for anyone who reads this article. An amount of money that is so huge, you can buy a dozen car…

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3 Cases Against Google Settled Out of Court

3 Cases Against Google, Settled Out-of-Court

Google, together with its parent company Alphabet is one of the richest companies with the deepest pockets in existence today (maybe only slightly shallower than Apple’s). With a huge war…

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Why PCI DSS Compliance Is Important For Smartcards

Why PCI DSS Compliance Is Important For Smartcards?

As more and more people are conducting their everyday financial transaction needs through the use of smartcards, that is the reality on the ground. People use less cash, and the…

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Remove TV Adware With These Easy Steps

Remove TV Adware With These Easy Steps

It may be irritating, your screen is full of ads, and when you close one, another appears. Yes, we are talking about adware. What is adware? Adware is synonymous with…

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Defining Role Based Access Control or RBAC

Defining Role-Based Access Control, or RBAC

Role-Based Access Control, or what is simply known as RBAC, provides the ability to restrict access to certain systems based on the person’s role within the organization. This has become…

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