Google Duplex Assistant to Reach iPhones, Most Android Phones

Google Duplex Assistant to Reach iPhones Most Android Phones

It’s time to welcome the Google Duplex Assistant, which will soon be available on all iPhones and most Android phones as well…

It was at Google’s I/O developer conference in 2018 that Google Duplex Assistant was introduced via a very impressive Demo. This digital assistant from Google, which sounded almost like a real human, was definitely set to be a revolution- everyone seemed to say! And now, the revolution is here!

Google Duplex Assistant, which was already launched as a Google Pixel 3 exclusive (with people already giving feedback and reporting bugs), would now soon be available as a feature on iOS devices and also on Android devices running Lollipop or above in the United States. Users would be able to get the Google Duplex Assistant to call restaurants or businesses to schedule appointments or reservation, without going through the formalities of online booking systems. Max Weinbach of XDA-Developers writes, “Duplex has a robot call the business, talk to an employee, and take that information to schedule an appointment or reservation based on what you asked for.”

The XDA-Developers contributor further says, “When Google first announced this feature, I thought that it was cool, albeit creepy, and I also questioned how well it would work. We heard almost nothing about Duplex besides that it would be rolling out slowly in the summer of 2018, months before the Google Pixel 3 launched. When the Pixel 3 did finally launch, Duplex became more widely available, but only in four cities and only for limited groups of people. This didn’t change until early last month when Google announced it would be available in 43 states on every Pixel phone and eventually other Android and iOS devices in the coming weeks.”

Max Weinbach has tested and confirmed that Google Duplex Assistant is already working on devices like the Samsung Galaxy S10+.

How it works

Google Duplex Assistant makes phone calls on behalf of the users (iPhone users or users with Android devices running version 5.0 or newer), for different kinds of tasks, including booking an appointment or checking business information, after confirming any necessary details with the user.

The Google Support page explains how the Google Assistant works to book an appointment- “If the customer wants to book an appointment, the Assistant will confirm specific details like the customer’s preferred time, type of service, or size of party. Once this information is confirmed, the Assistant will try to book an appointment with your business by using an online booking partner (if available) or by calling your business using the automated voice-calling technology Duplex (calls are recorded for quality assurance).”

As regards checking business info, the support page says- “If customers ask for information like your business hours, the Assistant will check to see if you’ve updated that information on Google. If it’s not updated, Google may call your business to confirm the information using the automated voice-calling technology Duplex (calls are recorded for quality assurance), and may update your business listing on Google Search and Maps.”

A major attraction is that Duplex assistant would also be compatible with restaurants with no online presence. Duplex will work with the ‘Reserve With Google‘ service and the businesses will be informed before the conversation begins that the call is from Google. Any business can choose to opt out of the service.

The Google Support page explains that the call, which could be from an automated system or sometimes a manual operator, would inform the business the reason for the call and that the Assistant would avoid making calls during late night and early morning hours.

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