Google rolls out new artificial intelligence features

artificial intelligence

The artificial intelligence is the most growing trends in the tech industry and the tech giant Google is working effortlessly on the FEATURES AND SERVICES of the artificial intelligence.

The CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai unveiled the project of the company- the Google Lens which is a set of vision based computing functionality that can easily analyze what the person is looking at. This feature in the initial stage will be available in the voice controlled digital assistance and is called the Google assistance. Therefore, according to the new feature, if the user points their mobile phone camera on a particular study center or restaurant, they get the reviews.

Similar kind of tool, the Lens is present in Pinterest where the user can point the smartphone camera to any item and they are given suggestions on similar things or buy the items in the real world. Another interesting feature of the Google is the Google Photos is that it will prompt the user to share the photos with their friends, even share the photo libraries. The famous social networking media Facebook has similar kind of feature called the Moments app.

Smart feature for the Android

Google has made fascinating changes in the Android software that aims to gauge and control the battery life of the users and Google has launched a new app called the Google Play Protect that will scan for malicious applications.

The company is limiting the updates for the low-end devices and it has introduced a new feature called Android Go that will automatically enable the data serving functionality that will steer the app users to the hardware and by default the phones with 1GB memory will get the Android Go app.

Virtual reality headset

The company is planning to optimize stand-alone devices and is working on the VR headset that does not require the help of the computer or mobile phone. It also has plans for launching the positional tracking system. Many other companies have launched the VR headsets like Samsung Gear and Facebook’s Oculus Rift. The launch of the device or the price of the device is not disclosed to the public.

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