Do You Know When The First Cyber Attack Took Place Read On

Do You Know When The First Cyber Attack Took Place? Read On

WannaCry, a malicious computer virus that encrypts data and demands ransom, hit thousands of computers across the world, causing several organization to close down. Not a day goes by without…

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Kaspersky Free Antivirus

U.S. Government Bans Kaspersky in Federal Agencies

The US government moves to ban the usage of Kaspersky software by federal agencies; this move comes in the midst of concerns that the company has connections with state-sponsored cyberespionage…

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Open EDR
Cyber Security

Large Firms Demand More Stringent Cyber Security From SME

The inaugural CybSafe Supplier Cyber Security Study has revealed that today SME have to increasingly prove their cyber credentials to win contracts. CybSafe, which is based in Canary Wharf, London,…

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The Ever Changing Cyber Security Landscape

The Ever-Changing Cyber Security Landscape

The Cyber security landscape is changing (and evolving). No doubt about that. And as new security threats evolve, so do new methods and tools for protecting our data and to…

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internet 1593384 640

Online Security and Social Media

Recently, business rivalries characterized by a fierce but respectful détente have exploded with animosity and subterfuge in the form of cyber-attacks. It is now necessary for businesses to keep their…

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HTTPS Phishing Websites

HTTPS Phishing Websites on the Rise. Here’s what you Need to Know.

A recent spike has been seen in HTTPS phishing websites that use Domain Validated SSL certificates to help hackers pilfer users’ personal data. A Discussion of the trend and potential…

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ETF Cyber Attack

Online Security ETF surged by a wave of Cyber Attack

There was attack this weekend and it lead to gaining on speculation on Monday. Companies such as FireEye Inc. provides services for software security. The estimation was made that this…

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Cyber Threats

Companies Recognize Cyber Threats but are Unwilling to Spend Enough on Protection

A recent survey of Canadian companies conducted by Ovum found that most expect cyber attacks to become a major threat within the next few years, but fewer than half are willing to budget…

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US never used Internet

15 percent of the Senior Citizen in the US never used Internet

A survey was conducted by the US, Pew Research Center to see how digitally connected are the adults in the United States. It was found that one-third of senior citizens…

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