Artificial Intelligence Makes its Way to Front line Security

Artificial Intelligence Makes its Way to Front-line Security

As a long-promised feature of the digital age, artificial intelligence is finally making real strides into many aspects of mainstream security. From personal computing systems to vast online casino networks,…

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An Introduction to Staying Safe on Online Gaming Sites

Online games are a hugely popular pastime enjoyed by millions of people all over the world. However, while you’re having fun, you always need to be wary of your online…

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Black Friday Cyber Monday Shopping Scams to Avoid This Year

Black Friday-Cyber Monday Shopping Scams to Avoid This Year

HackerCombat recently wrote sharing tips for safe online shopping during the Black Friday- Cyber Monday shopping season. Yes, as we had mentioned there, the November- December shopping season witnesses a…

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Two Jailed for TalkTalk Hack That Cost £77 Million

Two Jailed for TalkTalk Hack That Cost £77 Million

Two young hackers who were involved in the hacking of the website of UK telecommunication company TalkTalk have been convicted. Matthew Hanley, 23 and Connor Allsopp, 21, who were involved…

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Why Password Based Authentication is Not Secure

Why Password-Based Authentication is Not Secure

FIDO (Fast Identity Online) Alliance and W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) proposed a web authentication standard that aims to replace the traditional password-based authentication with more seamlessly secure and smooth…

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Regular Change of Internet Passwords Not Necessary

Regular Change of Internet Passwords Not Necessary

The communications ministry in Japan has reportedly decided that it is not necessary to keep changing internet passwords regularly. The ministry instead advises citizens to use one hard-to-guess password per…

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Online Security and Social Media

Recently, business rivalries characterized by a fierce but respectful détente have exploded with animosity and subterfuge in the form of cyber-attacks. It is now necessary for businesses to keep their…

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HTTPS Phishing Websites

HTTPS Phishing Websites on the Rise. Here’s what you Need to Know.

A recent spike has been seen in HTTPS phishing websites that use Domain Validated SSL certificates to help hackers pilfer users’ personal data. A Discussion of the trend and potential…

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social media cyber attack

Your Social Media Post Could Be The Next Attack

We are aware of the cyber-attacks that come via files buried with innocuous documents or via emails. But have you ever thought of cyber-attack through the social media? A hacker…

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ethical hackers

India should utilize its ethical hacker resource

India has an army of ethical hackers who protect the global organization and foreign technical companies from malicious attacks. The ethical hackers from the country are ranked in the bug…

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