Decrypt incoming traffic for Web Encryption Problem


Cyber security is becoming a pressing issue. Today, most of the transaction between a customer and the company happens online. So it becomes tantamount important that a business remains secure from cyber thieves, least you ensure that data is not compromised since you don’t want to risk leaking your customer details.

SSL/TLS for Website

There has been a lot of development with regards to security. Take for instance the SSL/TLS (secure socket layer/transport layer security). This is also known as HTTPS, (you see a lock icon on your browser). Having this on the website ensures that most of the information that goes to and fro from client to server are in an encrypted manner. This will not help the hackers to retrieve any message that goes through. Today, nearly 62 percent of the web traffic is encrypted, and by the year 2020, we can see nearly 80 percent of the websites is having SSL/TLs security.

The rise in SSL/TLS implementing is a clear indication that online security is the top priority for many companies. The information that goes between the client and server is getting harder to intercept and that overall online security is improving. Nevertheless, the cybercriminal sometimes manages to deceive the firewall and use the same encryption to sneak into the system with malicious code.

Deep Packet Inspection

Anyway, there is a deep packet inspection (DPI) that prevents SSL/TLS encryption from becoming a tool for threat. If a website has a huge traffic and plenty of information and communication flowing across, it’s then when DPI becomes vital with TLS/SSL. It’s a priority, and companies that are slow to implement is because they are ignorant about the threat.

New Generation FireWall

An organization can decrypt all the incoming traffic to their website and protect themselves from threats. One can scan for the traces of red flag that the malware has left. So you need to find out and block it straight away or re-encrypt it before it is allowed to pass through. One can also block if it falls short of prescribed security standards. The traditional firewall has not been able to successfully detect recent suspicious code that passes through them, but the New-Generation Firewall are capable picking all deceptive code that hit the wall.

Why SSL/TLS over Firewall

Well, it’s mainly because those companies that are on old infrastructure they are not compatible. To implement DPI it requires extra computers against contemporary stateful packet inspection. It delays their performance, and hence most companies don’t want to go with it. Another reason can be about the fact that companies are not aware of SSL/TLS and DPI. So this ignorance is one of the main factors why organizations end up with old infrastructure and conventional firewall, which proves to be a massive security threat. A recent survey conducted by security analyst says “That’s more than 60 percent of companies do not audit their network, nor scan the quality of incoming traffic on their website.

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Finally, having SSL/TLS will not keep you up all night.

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