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Prolific Hacker SandboxEscaper Demos Windows 10 Zero Day Exploit

Top Ten security settings for a secure Windows 10 Computer

Windows 10 is by far the most acknowledged Windows operating system. Microsoft rolls out updates frequently to ensure bugs are fixed and also the user experience is enhanced. Even as…

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The Five Incident Response Steps

Identity Verification And Fraud Prevention In 2024: Closing The Trust Gap

As technology evolves, fraudsters and hackers adapt their techniques. They get smarter and find new ways to beat the tech. That is why data leaks and theft are often in…

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Depositphotos 116417284 l 2015

What is Cloud Networking?

When you have many computers in a corporation with sensitive data or captured work that needs to be viewed regularly, digital space can become a problem. Computer hard drives may…

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Open EDR
SSL Traffic

An Honest Review of CHEAPSSLSHOP- Cheap SSL Certificate Provider

In this digital era where everything is done online, be it business or any other financial transaction, cybersecurity plays a significant role. The security and safety of your website become…

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Minnesota Man Charged for Employing ‘Hacker for hire’ to Target Local Business Website

Best 4 Apps to Spy on Your Boyfriend’s Phone Without the Target Phone

If you think your boyfriend might be cheating on you, or you need to check who he is talking to when you are not around, you can use different programs…

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Basics Of VPN Advantages And Disadvantages 1

VPN: Useful More Than Just For Security

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) are undoubtedly the most trusted tools for protecting your privacy while you browse the internet. Essentially, a VPN routes your internet traffic and hides your real…

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5 Informative Security Podcasts to Listen To

How to Conquer the Cybersecurity Challenges of the Cloud?

Cloud computing has become a significant and powerful force as it brings economies of scale and breakthrough technological advances to modern business organizations. Cloud computing has progressed at an incredible…

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Google’s Advanced Protection Program For Cloud Services Released As Beta

Fraud alert: Google temporarily suspends publishing Chrome Web Store extension

Google recently confirmed that all Chrome Web Store advertising plugins have been temporarily suspended. The suspension is triggered by a substantial increase in the number of paying extensions involved in…

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plastic card 1647376 1280

Mastercard Opens New Center and Intelligence in Canada

New Vancouver Space Becomes One of Six Regional Mastercard Innovation Centers on Thursday unveiled a new computer hub situated in Vancouver, Canada at the restored Old Stock Exchange building where…

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Privacy Violation What It Means

NIST Releases Privacy Risk Management Framework

Last week, NIST announced version 1.0 of its Privacy Framework, a tool designed to support organizations in managing their privacy risks. In September 2019, NIST released a revised draft Privacy…

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