Android Security

iOS Version of Exodus Android Spyware Doing the Rounds

Security researchers have discovered a dangerous iOS spyware strain that was seen earlier this year on the official Google Play Store. Exodus is the name of the spyware and it…

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Google Duplex Assistant to Reach iPhones Most Android Phones

Google Duplex Assistant to Reach iPhones, Most Android Phones

It’s time to welcome the Google Duplex Assistant, which will soon be available on all iPhones and most Android phones as well… It was at Google’s I/O developer conference in…

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European Android Devices Google Is The Old Microsoft 1

European Android Devices: Google Is The Old Microsoft

The European Union has flexed its muscles again to combat anti-competitive behavior. This time around, it is Google that is in the receiving end of the order. The search giant…

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Android Antimalware Apps You Can Install Today

4 Most Recognizable Android Antimalware Apps You Can Install Today

Antimalware Apps Recently, Google went out of their way to clean-up Google Play Store from apps pretending to be antimalware apps, but really just consuming resources of the Android device….

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Beware Of Deceptive Antimalware Apps In Android 1

Beware Of Deceptive Antimalware Apps In Android

Right after Windows, antimalware vendors have set their sights on Android as their next “platform” to protect (or at the very least claiming to protect). As Windows is an undisputed…

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French Regulatory Commission Orders 50 M Fine Against Google

French Regulatory Commission Orders $50 M Fine Against Google

Google has been slapped by a 50-million Euro fine by CNIL (Commission Nationale de L’informatique et des Libertés), France’s Data Regulation Agency due to GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) violation….

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2018 Is A Better Year For Customer Data Privacy Due To GDPR

2018 Is A Better Year For Customer Data Privacy Due To GDPR

2018 can be summarized as the year when strict implementation of customer data protection policies was felt by the public, regardless of where they are located in the world. This…

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Canada is Imitating EU’s GDPR New Policy Takes Effect On Nov 2018 2

Canada is Imitating EU’s GDPR, New Policy Takes Effect On Nov 2018

Canada has apparently imitated European Union’s GDPR, that is the latest news from the country’s Office of Privacy Commissioner of Canada (OPC). Under the new policy, starting November 2018, all…

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Cambridge Analytica Fiasco Aftermath Facebook to pay 645000 Fine under UK Law

Cambridge-Analytica Fiasco Aftermath: Facebook to pay $645,000 Fine under UK Law

The fallout against Facebook has started, caused by the user data exposure breach due to its Cambridge-Analytica fiasco, starting with the UK’s ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office). ICO has slapped the…

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Facebook Suffers Biggest Ever Outage in its History 1

Facebook Suffers Biggest Ever Outage in its History

Facebook, which has suffered the biggest ever outage in its history, is struggling to deal with it. The partial outage that affected some users of Facebook and other platforms owned…

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Why Disable SSDPUPnP In Today’s Home And Enterprises

Why Disable SSDP/UPnP In Today’s Home And Enterprises?

When Did UPnP and SSDP Became Mainstream? Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) was considered revolutionary when it was introduced to Windows Millennium Edition nineteen years ago, in 2000. It was…

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6 Young Hackers Caught DDoSing and Stealing Money From Bank Accounts

Ukraine Watch: 6 Young Hackers Caught DDoSing and Stealing Money From Bank Accounts

Six years jail time, that may become the penalty awaiting the 6 young hackers, two who were allegedly responsible for DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack against Ukraine government and…

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10 Masterful Steps In Combating Denial Of Service Attacks

10 Masterful Steps In Combating Denial Of Service Attacks

We could define DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks as the exclusive appropriation of a resource or service with the intention of avoiding any third party access. Also included in…

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New Botnet That Targets Cloud Servers for DDoS Attacks

Law Enforcement Shut Down DDoS Services Ahead of Christmas

Law enforcement has launched pre-emptive strikes on DDoS services keeping in mind the Christmas holiday season. Reports say that law enforcement from different countries has shut down DDoS booters in…

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How to Clean Malware Infected WordPress Website

How to Clean Malware-Infected WordPress Website [Infographic]

Basic tips that could help you clean your WordPress website if it gets malware-infected. This includes scanning the website, checking backup files, changing passwords, re-installing WordPress, re-installing themes and plugins,…

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How to Choose a Firewall

How to Choose a Firewall [Infographic]

Understanding how to choose a firewall, the network security system that monitors and controls all incoming and outgoing traffic based on a set of rules. Learn how to choose the…

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Penetration Testing to check for exploitable vulnerabilities

Penetration Testing to check for exploitable vulnerabilities [Infographic]

Explaining step by step how a penetration test, or pen-test, helps measure the security of an organization’s IT infrastructure by attempting safe exploitation of vulnerabilities. Know how a penetration test…

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How to Check if Your WordPress Website is Hacked [Infographic]

How to find out if your WordPress website is hacked? Know all about the different signs which indicate that your WordPress website might be hacked. Check for signs like invalid…

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All Security News

Samsung Sued Over Recent Data Breaches

Two Samsung customers, who are being represented by Clarkson Law Firm, have launched a class action lawsuit against the electronics maker for the two data breaches it had in 2022….

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Microsoft Hesitates About Machine Learning Can Also Be Used By Hackers

Vulnerabilities in the iBoot Power Distribution Unit Let Hackers Remotely Shut Down Devices

Researchers found serious flaws in Dataprobe’s iBoot power distribution unit (PDU), which may be used by hostile parties to remotely hijack the device and shut down any connected devices, possibly…

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computer girl

novoShield Emerges From Stealth With Mobile Phishing Protection App

With an enterprise-grade iPhone protection app, mobile phishing defense firm novoShield has come out of hiding. According to novoShield, the new solution was created to shield organizations and end users…

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Open EDR
Geoscience Australia Highly Vulnerable to Cyber Attack min

FBI Issues Warning About Increase in Attacks Against DeFi Platforms

The FBI has issued a warning about an uptick in hacks aimed at stealing cryptocurrencies from decentralised finance (DeFi) services. The government claims that criminals are using the rising popularity…

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Geoscience Australia Highly Vulnerable to Cyber Attack min

Security Firm Discloses CrowdStrike Issue After ‘Ridiculous Disclosure Process’

Following what it referred to as a “ridiculous vulnerability disclosure process,” a security company has revealed the specifics of a problem with a CrowdStrike product. Following the disclosure, CrowdStrike clarified…

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DDoS Attackers

Ring Android app flaw allowed access to camera recordings

In the Amazon Ring app for Android, Amazon has patched a high-severity vulnerability that may have let hackers download customers’ recorded camera footage. The flaw was spotted and reported to…

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Understanding What Is Malware Analysis

North Korean hackers target crypto experts with fake Coinbase job offers

North Korean hackers use phoney Coinbase job offers to target cryptocurrency professionals. The renowned North Korean hacking outfit Lazarus has uncovered a new social engineering scheme in which the hackers…

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Google to Block Sign in from Embedded Browser Frameworks

Google Patches Critical Android Flaw

Google released a security alert on Monday outlining the most recent batch of Android operating system upgrades. There have been fixes for thirty-two vulnerabilities, including a serious flaw that might…

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Dell Discovers Breach Resets Customer Passwords

After a hardcoded password leak, Atlassian expects Confluence app exploitation

Following the disclosure of information required to exploit a newly patched vulnerability, Atlassian has informed users that a flaw in Questions for Confluence would probably be utilised in attacks. Questions…

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36TB Data Breach The Culprit Lenovo’s Obsolete Iomega NAS

Over 1 Billion Individual Data Leaked Due to Alleged Chinese Police Database Hacking

In a leak that, if verified, could be one of the biggest data breaches in history, hackers might have obtained a wealth of information belonging to over I billion Chinese…

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