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Introducing Project Fuschia, Google’s Exciting New OS

Project Fuschia, the new OS from Google. For more than two years a group of the engineers within Google was silently working on this software which will eventually replace Android….

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Google in Microsoft Edge

Security Vulnerability Detected by Google in Microsoft Edge

Google has now detected a new vulnerability in Microsoft Edge, the Windows 10 default web browser; this detection has been made as part of Google’s Project Zero program. On MSFT,…

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Open EDR
Googles Android Security

Nexus and Pixel devices now has Google’s Android Security Patch

In the first week of every month, Google releases the monthly Android security patch for Nexus and Pixel devices. And, sticking to its monthly schedule, Google has released the Android…

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Android Users

Google Caught Recording Android Users’ Location Data

So just what we all were thinking about, Yes! Google admits that it was gathering Android user’s location information. The Android devices would collect the addresses of the mobile towers…

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Android Malware

Google’s New Robocop AI Detects And Destroys Malware

Google seems to be achieving some success with machine learning. Its Robocop AI has considerably enhanced its detection capabilities by analyzing the behavior of malware. Adrian Ludwig, head of Android…

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Russian Hackers Exploits Google Flaw To Attack Journalists

Reports say that a team of Russian hackers has been exploiting a Google flaw to launch attacks on investigative journalists. This security flaw in a Google service was reportedly known…

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Anti phishing Mechanisms

Google Introduces Anti-phishing Mechanisms for iPhone Gmail App

It was three months ago that Google introduced anti-phishing security checks in Gmail on Android. Now, Google comes out with anti-phishing mechanisms that would be of help to iPhone users…

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Why The EU Slapped Google With A Massive Antitrust Penalty

The search engine giant Google suffered a major blow after European Commission found them in unfair trade practice. On Tuesday European antitrust authorities fined Google a record 2.42bn euros ($2.7bn;…

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artificial intelligence

Google rolls out new artificial intelligence features

The artificial intelligence is the most growing trends in the tech industry and the tech giant Google is working effortlessly on the FEATURES AND SERVICES of the artificial intelligence. The…

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