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Implementation of National Cyber Security Strategy

What is Product Strategy and How Do You Develop One?

A product strategy is a key contributor to the success of any product. It serves as a guide for all things you are going to do to ensure you deliver…

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Desktop App Security Should Be Treated The Same As Cloud Apps

Is Zoom Safe to Use?

With the majority of the world has been in quarantine and self-isolation for over a month now, by now, we’ve grown accustomed to working from home, and employing technology to…

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Chase Bank Phishing Scam Asks Customers to Upload Selfie

How to Spot an Online Scam?

With the advent of ‘smart’ devices, which includes everything from self-driving cars, smart assistants such as Amazon’s Alexa to smart refrigerators, the modern-day internet continues to expand into the vast…

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Open EDR
Common Sense Ways Of Handling Data Digital Or Not

How to Verify Individual Identity in the Digital Market?

For the majority of the people, the subject of identity verification is something that doesn’t come up in daily conversations, till you are directly involved in the identity access and…

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Netflix and Chill. How to Choose a TV for Home Cinema

Over the past five years, home cinemas have gained immense popularity – mainly due to the fall in prices for high-definition TVs to an acceptable level. Here are just a…

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Benefits and Best Practices of Adaptive Security

How to See Who Your Boyfriend is Texting?

If you are feeling insecure because of the femme fatale hovering around your boyfriend or if you have trust issues because of many heartbroken incidences in the past we have…

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Best WordPress Plugins for Small Business Website

Learn The Measures To Keep WordPress Site Safe From Black-Hat Hackers?

Are you also among the 1.3 billion website owners across the globe? If yes, then you might know how vital it is to keep your site away from these mischievous…

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Advanced Persistent Threat What You Need to Know

How to Use Canary Tokens for Threat Detection?

2019 was a record year for cybercrime. Hackers exposed over 4 billion records for a total worldwide cost of $600 billion in damages. 2020 is not shaping up to be much…

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After hacking data theft European Central Bank closes its website

How To Mend The Damage Caused To The Site By A Hacker?

Are you aware of the fact that, on average, 30,000 new websites get hacked daily? Yes, this is true, and the second thing that is going to shock you is…

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Google Still Going Strong Even After 3rd Antitrust Fine 1

Why Google Put A Halt On The Chrome And OS Updates?

Whenever you come across a problem, Google it! Yes, this is what the 310 million people believe in when they want to get solutions for any difficulty they come across….

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