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Crypto Market Awaits More Hacking Attacks In The Coming Days

Visa Warns About Hackers Stealing Gas Pumps Credit Card Data

Payment processing company Visa reported that attackers at gas pumps intercept credit card data from point-of-sale networks, which are becoming increasingly attractive targets for such cybercrime organizations due to their…

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Malta’s Bank of Valletta Suffers Hack €13M Stolen

The Hidden Danger in the Web contract for Berners-Lee

World Wide Web creator Tim Berners-Lee has well-known concerns about the state and future of the Internet. He fears that a technology developed to offer universal access to free information…

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Death Of Coinhive Status Of Cryptojacking Malware 1

Hackers Steal $49 million in Cryptocurrency Exchange Upbit Ethereum

South Korean cryptocurrency exchange Upbit today said hackers could steal $49 million in Ethereum. On 27 November, the crypto-coins were moved from Upbeat Ethereum Hot Wallet to an unknown wallet,…

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Open EDR
The Clever Design Of Ursnif Fileless Trojan To Bypass Antivirus Detection

Current SectopRAT trojan generates the second secret desktop for browser control sessions

In the wild has emerged a new Trojan, SectopRAT, which has been able to start a secret secondary desktop for browser control on infected machines. MalwareHunterTeam first found the new…

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The Essence of Cloud Computing

Current IBM Cloud Security Solution blends existing device information

IBM revealed on Wednesday that Cloud Pak for Safety, a platform designed to help companies hunt down hazards by integrating data from multiple platforms and clouds, is broadly available. Security…

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An Overview Malwarebytes 2019 State of Malware Report

LINE Launches HackerOne Open Bug Bounty Program

LINE Corporation, Japan-based communication, today announced the launch of a public bug bounty program on the HackerOne site for pentest and HackerOne bug bounty. Started in 2011, LINE became one…

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SSL certificate

Target Big retailers Over 100,000 fake domains with fraudulent TLS certificates

Venafi has discovered over 100,000 typosquatted domains with legitimate TLS certificates that appear to be aimed at large traders, a company that allows organizations to protect cryptographic keys and virtual…

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Mozilla Forgot To Renew Certificate Auto disabled All Firefox Addons

Scammers for Tech Support Unpatched Firefox Bug

Mozilla works to fix a Firefox vulnerability used by tech support scammers to block a browser when users visit specially crafted websites. Jérôme Segura of Malwarebytes, who told SecurityWeek that…

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Penetration Testing and IoT A Conundrum

Tech Companies Respond to the Concerns of Netizens ‘Digital Privacy’

Whistleblowers and electronic activists were shocked at the violation of privacy online for a long time. Now a host of technology entrepreneurs aim to turn an increasing awareness of the…

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5 Informative Security Podcasts to Listen To

Aventura Pays No Security Vulnerabilities for Flogging Chinese Intelligence Devices on the US government 100%

Accusations of fraud were brought against Aventura Technologies and its owner following the suspected selling of monitoring equipment to the US Government with known security vulnerabilities. Based in Commack, New…

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