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Internet of Things in the Age of Standardization vs Security Issues

Tips to Avoid Leaving Tracks on the Internet

Many people are quite paranoid to leave their data online. Our browsers are full of cookies. The applications you have on your cell phone have access to your location as…

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Women Empowerment in Technology and IT Security Pushed

Student Data Privacy: Is It Safe to Buy Essays Online?

The internet makes our lives easier in many ways. We can order virtually anything online, in just a few clicks, and get it delivered as soon as we need it….

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Blinking Red Light of Death for Cameras

How to tell if your camera has been hacked and how to prevent it?

The kind of cybercrime that involves hacking your webcam is known as camfecting. Violators might do it to blackmail you or sell your sensitive data to third parties. In this…

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Open EDR
Reusing passwords

Password Security & Internet Protection in 2024

How to protect your passwords? Which tool to use?  How password managers secure our internet browsing and much more you can find out here. Since “the world and the century”,…

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Beware of 10 Past Ransomware Attacks 1

How Ransomware Works?

Ransomware is gaining more momentum! Over the past many years, ransomware is in the spotlight of the cyber-attack landscape. Nevertheless, many still wonder what the fuss about ransomware is. This…

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Massive Ransomware Attack On Israeli Websites Foiled 1

How to Protect Against Ransomware?

You must have heard about cyber attackers who kidnap your data to extort money. This malicious software or ransomware locks out your device, denies access to file by encrypting it….

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Kent County Community Mental Health Hit By Phishing Attack

Top 5 Phishing Protection Solutions for 2024

A phishing email is one of the very first phases of a phishing attack. It is easy to deploy and monitor and works most of the time. Even with good…

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technology drone

The Best Drones for College Students

If you’re a student and would like to purchase a drone on a limited budget, there is a wide variety of education UAVs you can choose from. Regardless of why…

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New Ransomware Attack – Texas Government agencies become Victim

How To Get Rid Of Ransomware?

Access denied!! Pay Ransom!! Access denied!!. These words on a computer are a living nightmare for any organization. This indicates your system has been infected by a ransom malware, which…

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Adwind Spyware as a Service Utility Grid Operators Attacks

What to look for when buying antispyware software?

Purchasing the spyware program is a very daunting task. Due to the heavy competition in the online market place, the new users often get puzzled about which one to buy….

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